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Founder | Executive Director
Hope Radiance Boyd

Hope Radiance Boyd is the founder and executive director of Yahweh in Motion Dance Company of the Arts. She holds a degree in Dance and Fine Arts. She travels as a Liturgical, Mime , Modern Dance Director and Theatrical composer both nationally and internationally. She serves in various leadership capacities within the worship and arts community for over 15 years. She is currently seeking her Bachelor's  degree in Christian Theology at the Tampa Bay Bible College in Tampa, Fl. Her desire is to provide a platform for creatives to find deliverance, restoration , hope, and salvation in Christ through the arts .

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"Cultivating Kingdom Dancers and Creatives unto the Kingdom of God"

"It's more than dance. It's more than a production. It's ministry."

Yahweh In Motion Dance Company of the Arts 

Yahweh in Motion Dance Company of the Arts (YMDC) is a Christian dance company and studio in the Tampa Bay community. Where we build, ignite, cultivate the creative gifts that lies in each of our dancers. "We are many members, but ONE body." We endeavor to create a safe and creative space where we learn, train, create, and grow in our dance technique and spirit led choreographic abilities, anointing. Inspiring our dancers to use their creative gifts and their testimony to impact humanity. We are “Isaiah 61 in Motion”. Our desire is to continue to evangelize throughout the communities and nations using the power of the arts. Ultimately, using the Power of the arts, movement, and prayer to draw people to Christ for the Kingdom of God.

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