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Summer Intensive 24'

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"Being a part of the company has laid a solid foundation for me as an individual and dancer. Coming to YMDC, not only is it fun; but it's an outlet for me! It has also brought me closer to my relationship with God. YMDC has taken me further than I can imagine! "


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" I started out as just an audience guest attending the Annual Night of the Arts
Theatrical Productions.

Then I became a cast member.

Being a part of YMDC,

it has changed my life and so many other lives."


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"YMDC goes beyond the 4 walls of the church. They danced at the Raymond James Stadium, home of the Buccaneers at the former Buccaneer football player's Jameis Winston Christmas Charity Event. During the event, something divine happened, in the midst of them dancing Jameis Winston and other football players were moved to tears and huddled up and began to pray on the field and then prayed for others. Souls were saved that night."


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